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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20150709AB The Effects of Op-Eds on Public Opinion Alexander Coppock, Emily Ekins, David Kirby
20150709AA Assessing Robustness of Findings About Racial Redistricting and Southern House Members Carlos Sanchez-Martinez, Kenneth Shotts
20150708AA Elite Appeals and Political Participation Guy Grossman, Jonathan Rodden
20150707AA Pre-Analysis Plan for June 2015 Miami Transgender Experiment David Broockman, Joshua Kalla
20150703AA Ethics of Social Science Research Scott Desposato
20150702AA Double Sampling for Missing Outcome Data in Randomized Experiments Peter Aronow, Alexander Coppock, Alan Gerber, Donald Green, Holger Kern
20150701AA Confounding in Survey Experiments Allan Dafoe, Baobao Zhang, Devin Caughey
20150623AA How do invitations to politics flatten participation? Guy Grossman, Macartan Humphreys, Gabriella Sacramone-Lutz
20150622AA Why do voters support partisan candidates? Chris Tausanovitch
20150619AA Community Governance and Leadership in India's Urban Slums Adam Auerbach, Tariq Thachil
20150617AA Youth Vocational Training and Conflict Mitigation: An Experimental Test of Social Contact Theory in Nigeria Alex Scacco, Shana Warren
20150616AA The Rule, Not the Exception: Bayesian Reasoning in Contentious Environments Alexander Coppock, Andrew Guess
20150605AB Patriotism and Perception of the Economy: Evidence from Russia Vasily Korovkin
20150605AA Survey information and Strategic Voting Rafael Piñeiro, María del Rosario Queirolo Velasco
20150604AA Natural Disasters and Political Preferences: A Conjoint Analysis of Voters’ Choices and Candidates’ Characteristics Giancarlo Visconti
20150603AA Information Credibility and Political Sophistication: New Measures and Survey Experimental Evidence from Argentina Matthew Winters, Rebecca B. Weitz-Shapiro
20150602AB Are Conditional Government Transfers a Politically Acceptable Form of Redistribution? Juan Pablo Luna, Gokce Baykal
20150602AA Nationalism and Regionalism in Thailand Joel Selway
20150527AA Effects of the Household Debt Metaphor Emily Thorson
20150526AA Information requests and local accountability: an experimental analysis of local parish responses to an informational campaign Peter John, Ben Worthy, Matia Vannoni
20150522AA The Politics of Identity Emily West
20150520AA The Effect of Social Norm Promotion on Online Harassers Kevin Munger
20150518AA Running Candidates after Running Drugs? Aila Matanock, Natalia Garbiras Diaz
20150517AA Common Knowledge, Relative Performance and Political Accountability Horacio Larreguy
20150514AA The Household Welfare and Political Impacts of Increasing Service Predictability: An Experimental Intervention in Bangalore’s Water Sector Alison Post, Tanu Kumar, Isha Ray
20150513AI Explaining Declines in Clientelism through a Virtual-World Experimental Design Ryan Lloyd
20150513AH Overcoming Cultural Barriers in Thai Elections Carly Madsen, Joel Selway
20150513AG NGO Foreign Funding Choices in Thailand Reed Rasband, Joel Selway
20150513AF Economic Inequality and Democratic Stability in Thailand Sam Elmer, Joel Selway
20150513AE The Effects of Anti-Human Trafficking Ads on the Support for Anti-trafficking Policies Marcos Felipe Nazareth Gallo
20150513AD Nationality on the Developing Community's Acceptance of NGOs Laura Boyer, Joel Selway
20150513AC Bias of Consumers Toward Media Eliza Wimmer, Joel Selway
20150513AB Effect of Attitudes on Refugee Aid Blair Harris, Joel Selway
20150513AA Human Trafficking and Economic Development Elvira Correa Lazaro, Joel Selway
20150508AA The psychology of political risk Lauren Young
20150429AA Media in Context and The 2015 General Election: How Traditional and Social Media Shape Elections and Governing Gabriel Katz, Dan Stevens, Susan Banducci, Travis Coan
20150428AA In for a dime, in for a dollar: A survey experiment on federal spending for science research and space exploration. Shawn Janzen
20150420AA Providing Imperfect Public Goods: Cost-Effectiveness and Preferences for Private and Public International Climate Transfers Mark Buntaine
20150330AA Harder to read, easier to understand: Political Misinformation and the Disfluency Effect Sasha Dudding
20150326AA The Effectiveness of Online Ads: a Field Experiment Alexander Coppock, David Broockman
20150324AA Mobilizing For Medicaid: A Randomized Field Experiment Testing Pocketbook Versus Sociotropic Campaign Appeals Florian Foos, Josh Carpenter
20150323AA The Effects of Disgust on Vaccine Skepticism Scott Clifford, Brendan Nyhan, Jason Reifler, Dane Wendell, Thomas Scotto
20150320AA Party mobilization in a repressive electoral system: Testing the impact of positive and negative messages Lauren Young
20150313AA The Impact of Social and Psychological Consequences of Disease on Judgments of Disease Severity Sam Harper, Nicholas B. King, Sarah C. Berry, Kristin Voigt
20150311AA Does Segregation Directly Affect Intergroup Harmony? Ryan Enos, Christopher Celaya
20150310AA Fighting the Past: Perceptions of Control, Historical Misperceptions, and Corrective Information in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Thomas Zeitzoff, Brendan Nyhan
20150309AA Political Information and Electoral Choices: A Pre-meta-analysis Plan Macartan Humphreys, Thad Dunning
20150308AA Can Common Knowledge Improve Common Goods? A Field Experiment in an African Democracy Eric Kramon, Claire Adida, Jessica Gottlieb, Gwyneth McClendon
20150304AA Playing the Blame Game: Chief Executives, Legislative Success, and Reelection Travis Baker
20150216AA Obamacare Enrollment and Consumer Fairness Ethan Porter, Betsy Sinclair