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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20150420AA Providing Imperfect Public Goods: Cost-Effectiveness and Preferences for Private and Public International Climate Transfers Mark Buntaine
20150330AA Harder to read, easier to understand: Political Misinformation and the Disfluency Effect Sasha Dudding
20150326AA The Effectiveness of Online Ads: a Field Experiment Alexander Coppock, David Broockman
20150324AA Mobilizing For Medicaid: A Randomized Field Experiment Testing Pocketbook Versus Sociotropic Campaign Appeals
20150323AA The Effects of Disgust on Vaccine Skepticism Scott Clifford, Brendan Nyhan, Jason Reifler, Dane Wendell, Thomas Scotto
20150320AA Party mobilization in a repressive electoral system: Testing the impact of positive and negative messages
20150313AA The Impact of Social and Psychological Consequences of Disease on Judgments of Disease Severity Sam Harper, Nicholas B. King, Sarah C. Berry, Kristin Voigt
20150311AA Does Segregation Directly Affect Intergroup Harmony? Ryan Enos, Christopher Celaya
20150310AA Fighting the Past: Perceptions of Control, Historical Misperceptions, and Corrective Information in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Thomas Zeitzoff, Brendan Nyhan
20150309AA Political Information and Electoral Choices: A Pre-meta-analysis Plan Macartan Humphreys, Thad Dunning
20150308AA Can Common Knowledge Improve Common Goods? A Field Experiment in an African Democracy Eric Kramon, Claire Adida, Jessica Gottlieb, Gwyneth McClendon
20150304AA Playing the Blame Game: Chief Executives, Legislative Success, and Reelection Travis Baker
20150216AA Obamacare Enrollment and Consumer Fairness Ethan Porter, Betsy Sinclair
20150211AA Does Spatial Segregation Directly Facilitate the Attribution of Negative Stereotypes? Ryan Enos
20150206AA Partisanship Experiment on oDesk Chris McConnell, Neil Malhotra, Matthew Levendusky, Yotam Margalit
20150204AA Exploited or Empowered: Garment Industry work and women's political participation Celeste Beesley
20150202AA The Influence of Anti-Black Affect in Standard Racial Resentment Ryan Enos
20150131AA Replication of Press, et al. (2013), "Atomic Aversion: Experimental Evidence on Taboos, Traditions, and the Non-Use of Nuclear Weapons" Jonathon Baron, Lauren Pinson
20150127AA Electoral Rules, Legitimacy, and the Exercise of Supermajoritatian Powers: evidence from survey experiments around the 2014 Hungarian elections Nahomi Ichino, John Ahlquist, Jason Wittenberg, Daniel Ziblatt
20150122AB The Motivations of Campaign Donors: Evidence from a Field Experiment of State-level Campaign Contributors in Ohio Michael Schwam-Baird, Donald Green, Jonathan Krasno, Costas Panagopoulos, Dane Thorley
20150122AA Discrimination in the German Bureaucracy Johannes Hemker
20150118AA Economic and Cultural Sources of Preferences for Globalization Helen Milner
20150111AA The Effect of Racial and Partisan Identity on Public Accountability in a Public Goods Game in South Africa Kevin Russell
20150110AA Testing Disfluency Online, part of larger project titled Harder to Read, Easier to Understand: Political Misinformation and the Disfluency Effect Sasha Dudding
20141231AA Does Registration Reduce Publication Bias? Evidence from Medical Sciences Grant Gordon, Albert Fang, Macartan Humphreys
20141227AA Please Recuse Yourself: A Field Experiment Exploring the Relationship Between Campaign Donations and Judicial Recusal Dane Thorley, Donald Green, Jonathan Krasno, Costas Panagopoulos, Michael Schwam-Baird
20141225AA The Impact of Photo ID Notification Richard Matland
20141223AA The Effects of Fact-checking: A Nationally Representative Survey Experiment Brendan Nyhan, Jason Reifler
20141213AA Perceptions of Torture: The Behavioral Impacts of Proximity and In-­‐Group Bias Erin M. Kearns, Joseph K. Young
20141208AA Political Information, Public Opinion and Consumer Preferences: Evidence From A Field Experiment Ethan Porter, Lucy Barnes, Jake Haselswerdt
20141202AA Does China Want Change? Implicit Attitudes Towards an Authoritarian Regime Rory Truex
20141117AA Oil and Governance in Uganda Guy Grossman, Laura Paler, Jan Pierskalla
20141107AA Crowdsourcing Local Feedback about World Bank Projects in India Mark Buntaine, Daniel Nielson
20141103AA Why do journalists fact­check? The role of demand­- and supply-­side factors Brendan Nyhan, Lucas Graves, Jason Reifler
20141101AA Can Politicians Police Themselves? Natural Experimental Evidence from Brazil’s Audit Courts Julio Canello, Renato Lima de Olivera
20141031AB Tracking and explaining Americans’ response to the Ebola outbreak Kim Yi Dionne, Claire Adida
20141031AA The Domestic Politics of Rejecting Aid: Evidence from India Lindsay Dolan, Allison Carnegie
20141027AA Persuading and mobilizing women voters online: a randomized controlled experiment John Andrews
20141025AA Field Experiment on Gender Discrimination Among Political Elites Joshua Kalla, Frances Rosenbluth, Dawn Teele, Rachel Silbermann
20141023AA Participation and Regulatory Compliance in Vietnam Edmund Malesky, Markus Taussig
20141006AA Truth Replaced by Silence: Private Censorship in Russia Holger Kern, Charles Crabtree, Chris Fariss
20141002AA The Impact of Group Collaboration on Social Capital Formation Scott Desposato, Nicholas Weller, David Brown
20140922AA Are Citizens Motivated by Good News or Bad News? A Mobile Phone Framing Experiment in Tanzania Daniel Posner, Brandon de la Cuesta, Evan Lieberman, Lily Tsai
20140918AA Field Experiments on Constituent Contact and Influence with Members of Congress Joshua Kalla, David Broockman
20140915AA Partisanship Experiment on Craigslist Chris McConnell, Matthew Levendusky, Neil Malhotra, Yotam Margalit
20140912AA Framing effects for online citizen engagement in Kenya Leah Rosenzweig, Lily Tsai
20140820AA Reconciliation in Sierra Leone Oeindrila Dube, Bilal Siddiqi, Jacobus Cilliers
20140812AA Who Believes The People's Daily? Bias and Credibility in Authoritarian Media Rory Truex
20140806AA The Effect of Electing Minority Legislators on Substantive Minority Representation: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design Albert Fang
20140723AB Carrots And Sticks: Policy Instruments And Public Opinion \\ In The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Guy Grossman, Devorah Manekin, Tamar Mitts