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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20160625AA The Emotional Substrates of Support for Authoritarian Populists Nicholas Valentino, Carly Wayne, Marzia Oceno
20160624AB Endowment Effect or Institutions? Protocol for an Experimental Test of the Differential Accountability Hypothesis in Ghana Brandon de la Cuesta, Helen Milner, Daniel Nielson
20160624AA Primaries and Citizen Behavior R. Michael Alvarez, Christian Grose, Betsy Sinclair, J. Andrew Sinclair
20160622AB Nationalism and Ideology: Evidence from China Andrew W. MacDonald, Haixiao Erik Wang
20160622AA Party Building and Politician Defection in Zambia Leonardo Arriola, Lise Rakner, Donghyun Danny Choi, Justine M. Davis, Ingvild Aagedal Skage, Melanie L. Thompson
20160621AD Ethics of Migration Alisha Holland, Margaret E. Peters, Thania Sanchez
20160621AC Migrants' Destination Choice Alisha Holland, Margaret E. Peters, Thania Sanchez
20160621AB Explaining Migrant Waves Alisha Holland, Margaret E. Peters
20160621AA Gun Control, Attitude Change, and Bayesian Updating Andrew Guess, Alexander Coppock
20160618AA Mobile Phone Ownership and Civic Participation: A Field Experiment in Tanzania Philip Roessler, Flora Myamba, Peter Carroll, Daniel Nielson
20160617AB Public Perceptions of the Role of International Organizations in Interstate Disputes Johannes Karreth
20160617AA Reducing Misreporting due to Psychological Threat: An Experimental Design Patrick M Kuhn, Nick Vivyan
20160616AA Fear and Coordination Abraham Aldama, Mateo Vasquez
20160615AB Assessment of Learning Outcomes and Social Effects of Community-Based Education in Afghanistan Dana Burde, Joel Middleton, Cyrus Samii
20160615AA Scope Insensitivity in Support for Public Policy Alexander Sahn, Laura Stoker, Amy Lerman
20160613AB Urbanization and Ethnic Preferences in Kenya Jeremy Horowitz, Hye-Sung Kim
20160613AA Rewarding Contention: Social Activism and Political Capital in Spain Dominika Kruszewska
20160612AA Strategies of clientelism in Bulgaria Isabela Mares
20160611AA Accountability Can Transform Health (ACT) Health: A Replication and Extension of Bjorkman and Svensson (2009) Daniel Posner, Doug Parkerson
20160609AC How Blunt is Military Intervention as a Signaling Instrument? Michael Joseph
20160609AB Security seekers are shady characters Michael Joseph
20160609AA Why Do Leaders Talk So Much? Michael Joseph
20160607AB Countering the Resource Curse: A Survey Experiment in Kenya James Igoe Walsh, Beth Elise Whitaker
20160607AA The Local Parliament Project: Letting MPs Know What Their Constituents Want Daniel Rubenson, Peter Loewen
20160605AA Bayesian Process Tracing in Qualitative Case Research Tasha Fairfield, Andrew Charman
20160603AA How Refugees Shape National Boundaries by Challenging Them Yang-Yang Zhou
20160602AA PILOT for "Inequality, Globalization, and Political Demands: A Survey-Experiment in China" Meir Alkon
20160601AD Public Services in Low Income Communities: Understanding Migrant and Minority Integration Efforts and the Credit Attribution of Public Goods Provision Katerina Linos, Laura Jakli, Melissa Anne Carlson
20160601AC Access to Vaccines in Low Income Communities: Barriers and Remedies for Refugees, Migrants and Natives Katerina Linos, Laura Jakli, Melissa Anne Carlson
20160601AB Access to Health Rights in Low Income Communities: Barriers and Remedies for Refugees, Migrants and Natives Katerina Linos, Laura Jakli, Melissa Anne Carlson
20160601AA Motivations for Public Service in Post-Soviet Russia Jordan Gans-Morse, Aleksandr Kalgin, Andrei Klimenko, Andrei Yakovlev
20160531AA Affective and Policy-Preference Responses to Information about the Bombing of Darwin: An online survey experiment in Australia Benjamin E. Goldsmith, Thomas Wynter
20160524AA Learning Lessons from Disasters: The Effect of News Coverage on Public Opinion about Public Policy Thomas Jamieson
20160520AA Do Politicians' Relatives Get Better Jobs? Evidence from Municipal Elections Marcel Fafchamps
20160519AA A constituent by any other name? A field experiment on state legislators to disentangle bias from office-seeking behavior Micah Gell-Redman, Neil Visalvanich, Charles Crabtree, Chris Fariss
20160517AE Behind the Blame Game: Chief Executives, Bipartisan Legislative Success, and Reelection Travis Baker
20160517AD Does Transparency Educate and Mobilize Citizens? A Field Experiment with Revenue-Sharing Funds in Bwindi National Park, Uganda Mark Buntaine, Brigham Daniels, Colleen Devlin, Jacob Skaggs
20160517AC The Hybrid Wars of Information Nikolay Marinov, Harald Schoen
20160517AB Brokers, Social Networks, Reciprocity and Strategies of Clientelism Michael W Davidson, Allen Hicken
20160517AA The Effect of Economic Development Incentives and Clawback Provisions on Job Creation: An Evaluation of Maryland and Virginia Nathan Jensen
20160516AA Liberty and Justice for All? American Public Opinion on Pro-democracy Movements Abroad Ze Fu, Naima Green, Dominika Kruszewska
20160515AA Caregiving and Support for Immigration: Evidence from Germany, Japan, and the US Margaret E. Peters, Frances Rosenbluth, Seiki Tanaka, Rieko Kage
20160514AA Transnational Voter Mobilization: A Field Experiment Michael Paarlberg, Elizabeth Iams Wellman
20160507AA Summary versus individual fact-checking Brendan Nyhan
20160429AB Exploring Attitudes Towards Lower-Caste Groups and Religious Minorities in Urban India Anustubh Agnihotri
20160429AA The Effects of Rejecting Aid on Recipients' Reputations: Evidence from Natural Disaster Responses Allison Carnegie, Lindsay Dolan
20160427AB Negativity bias and blame avoidance among government officials Cecilie Aaskov
20160427AA Using Affective Empathy to Mitigate Reactance in Canvassing Campaigns: A Persuasion Experiment Anselm Rink
20160426AA Improving Participation in Public Feedback Mechanisms: A Framing Experiment in Pakistan Passport Offices Patrick M Kuhn, Pierre-Oliver Bédard
20160421AA Everyday Violence and Identity: An Experimental Study in Nigeria Lauren Harrison