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20180127AA Who Cares About Your Error Bar: A Survey Experiment on Visualizing Uncertainty in Political Science Isabelle Fischer
20180126AB The Marriage Effect: Influence of Marital Status on Perceptions of Female Candidates in India Bhumi Purohit
20180126AA Attitudes towards democracy and ideology. What explains the decline in satisfaction with democracy? Ignacio Jurado
20180125AA Citizenship for Service Cara Wong
20180124AA Better together? Examining the effect of civic education for local officials and citizens in the Philippines on government responsiveness and citizen engagement Nina McMurry, Lily Tsai
20180123AA The Political and Economic Targeting of Development Aid: A Field Experiment among Elected Officials in Malawi Brigitte Seim, Ryan Jablonski, Johan Ahlback
20180121AA Understanding the Effects of Legal Electrification: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design S.P. Harish, Ryan Kennedy, Daniel Thomas
20180120AA Gender Discrimination Among Political Elites Kostanca Dhima
20180119AA Does Conjoint Analysis Mitigate Social Desirability Bias? Yusaku Horiuchi, Zachary Daniel Markovich, Teppei Yamamoto
20180113AA Public Opinion and Crisis Behavior in a Nuclearized South Asia Christopher Clary, Sameer Lalwani, Niloufer Siddiqui
20180110AB Pre-Analysis Plan: Identifying and Mitigating Sources of Tension between Jordanians and Syrian Refugees Dominik Hangartner, Ala' Alrababa'h, Andrea Dillon, Scott Williamson, Jens Hainmueller, Duncan Lawrence, Jeremy Weinstein
20180110AA The Civic Counter-Culture? Attitudes Toward Democracy in the United States Guy Grossman, Dorothy Kronick, Matthew Levendusky, Marc Meredith
20180109AB Increasing Household Electrification Rates in Rural Uttar Pradesh with Connection Campaigns Brian Blankenship, Ryan Kennedy, Jason Chun Yu Wong
20180109AA Salience of political identity and social attitudes Bela Janky
20180108AB Preferences for the Political Future of Catalonia Laia Balcells, Jose Fernandez-Albertos, Alexander Kuo
20180108AA Coercion and the Credibility of Assurances Matthew Cebul, Nuno Monteiro, Allan Dafoe
20180105AD Immigrant Attributes and the Moderating Role of Social Contact: A Conjoint Experiment Katherine Clayton, Jeremy Ferwerda, Yusaku Horiuchi
20180105AC Media Framing, Attitudes Towards Immigration, the Moderating Role of Social Contact Katherine Clayton, Jeremy Ferwerda, Yusaku Horiuchi
20180105AB Ethnic Diversity and In- and Out-group Cooperation: Lab-in-the-Field Experiments in Milan Johanna Gereke, Max Schaub, Delia Baldassarri
20180105AA Misperceptions about Immigrants, Acceptance of Corrections, and the Moderating Role of Social Contact Katherine Clayton, Jeremy Ferwerda, Yusaku Horiuchi
20171230AA Household consumption decisions: An experiment in Kenya Charlotte Ringdal, Bram De Rock, Laurens Cherchye, Pierre-André Chiappori, Frederic Vermeulen
20171229AA Causes and Consequences of Syrian Migration into Lebanon Anselm Rink
20171228AA Breaking Down Barriers to Naturalization for Low-Income Immigrants: The Impact of Information Jens Hainmueller, Michael Hotard, David Laitin, Duncan Lawrence
20171223AA Ethnicity, Status, and Day-to-Day Discrimination: Evidence from the Field Nan Zhang, Delia Baldassarri, Johanna Gereke, Max Schaub
20171222AA Political Socialization and Reciprocal Socialization: A Field Experiment on the Impact of Civic Education on Students and their Parents Valérie-Anne Mahéo
20171221AA Monitoring and Managing Forest Resources in Liberia Darin Christensen, Alexandra C. Hartman, Cyrus Samii
20171218AC The Effects of Deliberation on Argument Repertoires and Second-Order Beliefs Jon Green, Jonathon Kingzette
20171218AB Rule Formalization, Gender Congruence, and Rule Following: Examining Prosocial Rule Breaking for Internal and External Stakeholders Zach Mohr, Jaclyn Piatak
20171218AA Comparing Direct and Indirect Localized Peace Enforcement: Evidence from Peacebuilding in Mali William G. Nomikos
20171213AA Never Again: The Political Lessons of Repression Carly Wayne, Yuri Zhukov
20171211AC How Public Officeholders Prioritize Learning about Public Opinion John McAndrews, Benjamin Allen Stevens, Roosmarijn De Geus, Jonah Goldberg, Md. Mujahedul Islam, Lior Sheffer, Peter Loewen, Daniel Rubenson
20171211AB The Effects of Security Assistance on Recipient Militaries: Evidence From Liberia Renanah Miles
20171211AA Mobilizing the Law in Authoritarian Societies: Lawful Resistance in Egypt, Jordan and Palestine Steven Schaaf
20171210AB Mobile Technology and Civic Engagement: A Downstream Experiment on the Effect of Phone Ownership and Encouragement Messages on Local Civic Participation Philip Roessler, Peter Carroll, Daniel Nielson
20171210AA Alabama Special Senate Election Canvassing Study Florian Foos, Josh Carpenter
20171208AA Formal and Informal Determinants of Economic Exchange: Conjoint and Survey Experiments Abhit Bhandari
20171206AA Who Runs, Who Communicates and Who Votes: An Experiment in Effective Political Communication Chloe Singer, Christopher Mann
20171205AB Institutional Effects on the Perception of Gender Bias in Judicial Selection Nancy B. Arrington
20171205AA Perceptions of infectious disease risk and policy response to the opioid crisis in US states and localities Lilla Orr
20171129AA Domestic Kindling, International Sparks Meir Alkon
20171128AA Exploring Manipulation Checks, Political Knowledge, and Analogies Jason Barabas, Ph.D.
20171127AB (Dis)confirmation of election pledge fulfilment expectations Niels Markwat
20171127AA Successful and Unsuccessful Vicarious Intergroup Contact Chris Grady
20171124AA Does Public Opinion Affect Elite Speech? Predicting Sentiment Using Machine Learning Techniques Anselm Rink, Hanno Hilbig
20171122AC Media trust and news consumption: Evidence from survey and behavioral measures Andrew Guess, Brendan Nyhan, Jason Reifler
20171122AB Charitable Giving: A Closer Look at Two Psychological Mechanisms Anselm Rink
20171122AA How Union Activists Perceive the Utility of Constitutional Rights Adam Chilton, Mila Versteeg
20171121AB Triple Context Effects Mario Callegaro, Douglas Rivers, Norbert Schwarz
20171121AA Counterframes, Counterargument, and Confusion: Do Citizens Benefit from Hearing Both Sides? Ryan Cotter, Milton Lodge, Robert Vidigal
20171120AB Fighting Corruption, Curbing Cynicism: The Public Opinion Consequences of Judicial Activism Against Corruption in Latin America Nara Pavão, Ezequiel Gonzalez-Ocantos