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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20180318AA The Mechanism, Extent and Effects of Fiscal Illusion Among UK Taxpayers Kaetana Leontjeva-Numaviciene
20180316AB Salience of political identity and social attitudes II - A second test during an election campaign Bela Janky
20180316AA When Do Policymakers Listen to Experts? Nathan Lee
20180315AC The Effect of Factual Information on Candidate Evaluations Leonardo Arriola, K. Ochieng' Opalo, Donghyun Danny Choi, Matthew K. Gichohi
20180315AB Randomised Evaluation of La Poste Component of Innajim Campaign Thomas J. Leeper
20180315AA Incentivizing Mobile Money as a Financial Savings Instrument among Young Women in Tanzania Peter Carroll, Flora Myamba, Daniel Nielson, Joseph Price, Philip Roessler, Wayne Sandholtz
20180313AA Extrinsic, Intrinsic, and Social Incentives for Crowdsourcing Development Information in Uganda: A Field Experiment Sean M. Blaschke, Peter Carroll, Daniela Rojas Chaves, Mike Findley, Madeleine Gleave, Kaylee B Hodgson, Robert N. Morello, Daniel Nielson, Rebecca Russavage
20180310AA The Origins of Tax Compliance and State Capacity Pablo Balan, Augustin Bergeron, Gabriel Tourek, Jonathan Weigel
20180308AA Permission to Secede? The Impact of Foreign Powers on Separatist Movements Ala' Alrababa'h, Rachel Myrick
20180306AA Becoming Black? Immigrant Visibility, Racial Identity Formation, and Political Integration Among Somalis in the US. Pre-registration for Community Survey. Claire Adida, Amanda Robinson
20180304AD Defending the European Court of Human Rights: What Arguments Work? Ezequiel Gonzalez-Ocantos, Elias Dinas
20180304AC Persuasion Through Propaganda: Experimental Evidence from Russia Arturas Rozenas, Denis Stukal, Georgiy Syunyaev
20180304AB Do welcome streams matter? Testing a ladder of engagement in political fundraising. Daniel E. Bergan, Michael Davidson
20180304AA Do Violations of International Law Increase Support for Insurgents? A Quasi-Natural Experiment in Mosul Mara Revkin, Jonathan Petkun
20180303AA Backing Up, Not Backing Down: The Effects of Policy Substitution on Audience Costs Erik Lin-Greenberg
20180302AA The Cheeto Effect: Skin Tone and Evaluating Trump Andrew Ryan Flores
20180228AB To Stay or to Leave? Explaining Migration Decisions in Islamic State-Controlled Mosul Mara Revkin
20180228AA Collaborative Governance Designs, Value-based Conflicts, and Public Perceived Legitimacy Shiyang Xiao
20180227AA Down-Ballot Decision Making: Voter Information Acquisition, Processing, & Heuristics Steven Perry
20180222AB Political Scientists' Experiences Doing Fieldwork Suparna Chaudhry, Sabrina Karim
20180222AA How do Brazilian voters trade school quality and other government outputs when evaluating municipal politicians? Taylor Boas, Guillermo Toral
20180221AB Bureaucratic Discrimination against Ex-Felons in College Admissions Jacob Brown, Hanno Hilbig
20180221AA Bureaucratic Organization and Service Provision: Field Experimental Evidence from Colombia Tara Slough
20180220AA Who Shall Be Allowed to Vote? Johan Wejryd, Jonas Hultin Rosenberg
20180219AB The Impact of Clickbait for Media Choice Kevin Munger
20180219AA To back down or not: exploring the significance of audience costs Yeon Kyung Park
20180215AC Affective Response to Hypothetical and Historical Territorial Threats in International Relations: An online experiment conducted in Australia Benjamin E. Goldsmith, Thomas Wynter
20180215AB Institutional Legacies, Identity and Collective Action in Rural Mexico Edgar Franco Vivanco
20180215AA Political Gender Stereotypes in Flanders (Belgium) Robin Devroe, Bram Wauters
20180214AA Diversity and Judicial Legitimacy in State Courts Shane Redman
20180213AB Effects of Messengers’ Gender on Government Learning: An Analysis of Policy-Makers in Peru, Tanzania, and India Darren Hawkins, Daniel Nielson, Rachel E. A. Finlayson, Kaylee B Hodgson, James Hodgson, Emily Ostler
20180213AA Increasing Microentrepreneurs Formalization and Access to Social Security in Brazil Anna-Katharina Lenz, Rafael Goldszmidt, Martin Valdivia
20180211AA Do Electorally-Vulnerable Legislators Grant More or Less Statutory Discretion? Mona Vakilifathi
20180209AA Do Perception of Candidate Competence and Empowerment Effects from Descriptive Representation Affect whether Voters Feel Subjectively Represented? Dominik Duell, Sveinung Arnesen, Yvette Peters
20180208AB Effects of temporary residence permits and family reunions on refugees' education and employment Linna Marten, Jens Hainmueller, Dominik Hangartner
20180208AA South Sudan Youth Startup Business Grant Program Laura R Ralston, Utz Johann Pape
20180206AA By What Authority? Uncovering The Conditional Mandate from Referendums in EU Membership Decisions Sveinung Arnesen
20180205AC Social Identity and Perceptions of Terrorism in the United States Pravin Benjamin Wilkins
20180205AB The Role of Emotions as Moderators of Evaluation of Populist and Programmatic Policies Rosario Aguilar
20180205AA Who Does Voter ID Legislation Keep from Voting? Evidence from Texas Michael G. Miller
20180204AB Party Leader Influence and Conflicting Signals in Opinion Formation Alexander Agadjanian
20180204AA Solar Villages Project: Understanding the Behavioral Impact of Solar Lanterns S.P. Harish, Aseem Mahajan
20180202AC Does exposure to an issue survey increase donor Daniel E. Bergan, Michael Davidson
20180202AB LGBT Candidates and Electoral Success Gabriele Magni
20180202AA Identity, Behavior, and Welfare Deservingness: Experimental Evidence from France Gabriele Magni
20180201AC Measuring "Ethnic Effects" via Social Psychology Paradigms and Behavioral Games Daniel Posner, Chad Hazlett, Ashley Blum
20180201AB Improving Political Communication and Responsiveness: A Field Experiment in Pakistan Miriam Golden, Luke Sonnet
20180201AA Behavioural Foundations of Negative Attitudes Towards Women Malu Gatto
20180130AA Status Concerns and Affluent Americans' Economic Policy Preferences Adam Thal
20180128AA Alliance Credibility and Nuclear Proliferation Jooeun Kim