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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20180515AA Elected Officials' Strategies for Targeting Voters Nick Obradovich, Brigitte Seim
20180514AA The effect of diversity versus outgroup share on cooperation (This design is gated) Maria Abascal, Delia Baldassarri 11/14/2019
20180509AB Social Media Effects on News Credibility (This design is gated) Brendan Nyhan 11/08/2019
20180509AA Participatory Measurement, Monitoring, and Management of Groundwater in Northeast Brazil Alicia Cooperman, Alexandra Richey, Brigitte Seim
20180508AA The Efficacy of Deliberative Democracy Christopher Celaya
20180507AA Seizing and Freezing: Inflexibility During Cyber Conflict Miguel Alberto Gomez
20180504AA Incentives for Preventive Health Care Provision: Evidence from Brazil Umberto Mignozzetti
20180503AB Higher Education and Democracy: Elite Views on Education-Based Descriptive Representation Quinton Mayne, Yvette Peters
20180503AA The Effects of Arguments for Gender Quotas: A Survey Experiment on Representatives in Norway. Ragnhild Muriaas, Yvette Peters
20180502AA Reading Nudge Christian Breunig, Klaus Jonathan Klüser, Qixuan Yang
20180430AC Unequal enforcement: How perceived ethnicity and written English proficiency affect welfare agencies’ responses Viridiana Rios, Spencer Headworth
20180430AB Perceptions of Crime and Punitiveness Jack Landry
20180430AA Foreign Support and Protest Mobilization Matthew Cebul
20180427AA Identifying the Effects of Fox News Kimberly Gross, Ethan Porter, Thomas J. Wood
20180426AC How Voters Evaluate Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Against Politicians John McAndrews, Roosmarijn De Geus, Peter Loewen
20180426AB Positive and negative messages about women in politics and the effects on women’s willingness to participate in politics Roosmarijn De Geus, John McAndrews, Peter Loewen
20180426AA Gender Bias in Retrospective Performance Evaluations Roosmarijn De Geus, John McAndrews, Peter Loewen
20180425AD Administrative Burden and Cognitive Bias Sean Webeck, Sean Nicholson-Crotty, Jill Nicholson-Crotty
20180425AC Gender and Negativity Bias Sean Webeck, Sean Nicholson-Crotty, Jill Nicholson-Crotty
20180425AB Independent Councils and Territorial Redistribution: Survey Evidence from Canada Kyle Hanniman
20180425AA Flint Water Crisis Experiment Sean Webeck, Sean Nicholson-Crotty, Jill Nicholson-Crotty
20180424AA From Sanction to Supervision: Evaluating the Impact of Court-Ordered Desegregation Plans on Racial Attitudes in the U.S. South Anna Mikkelborg
20180423AA Climate Education Experiment Joshua Kalla, Anthony Leiserowitz
20180418AB Partisanship, Political Affect, and Misinformation Pearce Edwards, Michael Hanley, Handi Li
20180418AA Tracking Hope in Nairobi and Karachi: Testing Educational Assumptions (THINK) Elisabeth King, Dana Burde, Jennifer Hill, Daphna Harel
20180417AA Tying their own hands? Why politicians approve laws that might increase accountability against themselves Fernando Barros de Mello
20180416AA Increasing Framing Effectiveness: The Importance of Identity Salience to Climate Change Attitudes and Behavior Emily Pechar Diamond
20180413AB Partnership with Organizations focused on Women’s Issues for Rigorous Impact Evaluation: An Email Experiment with NGO’s in India Kaylee B Hodgson, Daniel Nielson
20180413AA Violence and Support for Internally Displaced Persons - Evidence from Syria Alexandra C. Hartman, Benjamin Morse
20180409AC Fiscal Priorities Survey Jeffrey Friedman
20180409AB PRE-ANALYSIS PLAN for 12 Reanalyses of TESS Studies Alexander Coppock
20180409AA The Effect of Small Group Instruction in Mathematics for Pupils in Lower Elementary School Henning Finseraas, Hans Bonesrønning, Ines Hardoy, Jon Marius Vaag Iversen, Ole Henning Nyhus, Vibeke Opheim, Kari Vea Salvanes, Astrid Marie Jorde Sandsør, Pål Schøne
20180404AA Rawls for Realists An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship of National Identity and Social Justice Julian Zuber
20180403AA Postal Voter Recruitment and Turnout Experiment Joshua Townsley, Stuart Turnbull-Dugarte
20180402AB Matching and Weighting for Observational Component of Summer Bridge Program Evaluation Kosuke Imai, Rebecca Johnson
20180402AA To Steal, or Not to Steal: Attitudes towards Electricity Theft in Northern India Jason Chun Yu Wong, Brian Blankenship
20180401AA Scope Sensitivity, Sources Cues, and Equivalency Framing in Support for Policy Alexander Sahn, Amy Lerman, Laura Stoker
20180331AA Lab2Field experiment on the effects of framing and conflict on bureaucratic responsiveness Annabelle Wittels
20180329AA Reintegration of Rebel Collaborators: Survey Experiments in Mosul Mara Revkin, Kristen Kao
20180328AA Experimental test of framing and herding effects on the activation of populist attitudes Felix Willfort
20180327AA The Presidenta Effect: Perceptions of Women in Politics in Post-impeachment Brazil Malu Gatto, Anna Petherick
20180325AA Does Gender Representation Affect Police Legitimacy? Evidence from India Nirvikar Jassal , Sharon Barnhardt
20180324AA Keeping up with the Joneses? Evidence on indirect mobilization effects from a partisan GOTV experiment Florian Foos, Peter John, Christian Mueller
20180323AB Putting Candidates in Context: The Interactive Effects of Candidates and Speech Complexity Steven Perry, Matt Lamb
20180323AA Group Identity Formation in Response to Group Experiences Molly Offer-Westort, Gregory Huber, Alan Gerber
20180321AA International Status and Presidential Approval Ryan Powers, Jonathan Renshon
20180320AA Violence, Corruption, and the Redistributive Preferences of Business Interests: Evidence from Mexico Viridiana Rios
20180319AC Teargas and Selfie Cams: Foreign Protests and Media in the Digital Age Ze Fu, Naima Green, Dominika Kruszewska
20180319AB The Effect of Photographic Affect on Charitable Donations William Sasine, Sam Williams, Daniel Nielson
20180319AA Altruism, trust and right-wing support in the presence of newcomers: Eastern Germany after the refugee crisis Max Schaub, Johanna Gereke, Delia Baldassarri