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Title Authors Year of Publication Type of Publication
Nudge, nudge, think, think: Experimenting with ways to change civic behaviour P. John; S. Cotterill; L. Richardson; A. Moseley; G. Stoker; C. Wales; G. Smith; H. Liu; H. Nomura 2013 Book BibTex
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Teaching entrepreneurship: Impact of business training on microfinance clients and institutions D. Karlan; M. Valdivia 2011 Journal Article BibTex
Expanding credit access: Using randomized supply decisions to estimate the impacts D. Karlan; J. Zinman 2009 Journal Article BibTex
What's advertising content worth? Evidence from a consumer credit marketing field experiment M. Bertrand; D.S. Karlan; S. Mullainathan; E. Shafir; J. Zinman 2009 Journal Article BibTex
Microcredit in theory and practice: Using randomized credit scoring for impact evaluation D. Karlan; J. Zinman 2011 Journal Article BibTex
Tying Odysseus to the mast: Evidence from a commitment savings product in the Philippines N. Ashraf; D. Karlan; W. Yin 2006 Journal Article BibTex
Predictable corruption and firm investment: evidence from a natural experiment and survey of Cambodian entrepreneurs K. Samphantharak; E.J. Malesky 2008 Journal Article BibTex
Aversion to Learning in Development?: A Global Field Experiment on Microfinance Institutions M.Robert Brigham; M. Findley; W. Matthias; C. Petrey; D. Nelson 2013 Thesis BibTex
Extrinsic, Intrinsic, and Social Incentives for Crowdsourcing Development Information in Uganda: A Field Experiment S.M. Blaschke; P.P. Carroll; D.Rojas Chaves; M.G. Findley; M.C. Gleave; R.N. Morello; D.L. Nielson 2013 Journal Article BibTex
Which Devil in Development? A Randomized Study of Citizen Actions Supporting Foreign Aid in Uganda H.V. Milner; D.L. Nielson; M. Findley 2013 Journal Article BibTex
Introducing Mobile Money in Rural Mozambique: Evidence from a Field Experiment C. Batista; P.C. Vicente 2013 Journal Article BibTex
Ethnic quotas and political mobilization: caste, parties, and distribution in Indian village councils T. Dunning; J. Nilekani 2013 Journal Article BibTex
Exporting Institutions: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Eastern Congo M. Humphreys; R.Sanchez de la Sierra; P. van der Windt 2013 Journal Article BibTex
Social and Economic Impacts of Tuungane. Final Report on the Effects of a Community Driven Reconstruction Program in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo M. Humphreys; R.Sanchez de la Sierra; P. van der Windt 2012 Journal Article BibTex
Can development aid contribute to social cohesion after civil war? Evidence from a field experiment in post-conflict Liberia J.D. Fearon; M. Humphreys; J.M. Weinstein 2009 Journal Article BibTex