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Title Authors Year of Publication Type of Publication
Political Information and Electoral Choices: A Pre-meta-analysis Plan T. Dunning; G. Grossman; M. Humphreys; S. Hyde; C. McIntosh; C. Adida; E. Arias; T. Boas; M. Buntaine; S. Bush; 2015 Miscellaneous BibTex
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Why do politicians buy votes when the ballot is secret? Theory and experimental Evidence from Kenya E. Kramon 2011 Journal Article BibTex
A natural experiment in proposal power and electoral success P.John Loewen; R. Koop; J. Settle; J.H. Fowler 2014 Journal Article BibTex
Does compulsory voting lead to more informed and engaged citizens? An experimental test P.John Loewen; H. Milner; B.M. Hicks 2008 Journal Article BibTex
The adverse effects of sunshine: a field experiment on legislative transparency in an authoritarian assembly E. Malesky; P. Schuler; A. Tran 2012 Journal Article BibTex
Social Esteem and Participation in Contentious Politics: A Field Experiment at an LGBT Pride Rally G.H. McClendon 2014 Journal Article BibTex
Voter mobilization M.R. Michelson; D.W. Nickerson 2011 Journal Article BibTex
The Conditionality of Vote-Buying Norms: Experimental Evidence from Latin America E.Gonzalez Ocantos; C.Kiewiet Jonge; D.W. Nickerson 2014 Journal Article BibTex
The Cost of Convenience An Experiment Showing E-Mail Outreach Decreases Voter Registration E.A. Bennion; D.W. Nickerson 2011 Journal Article BibTex
The ineffectiveness of e-vites to democracy field experiments testing the role of e-mail on voter turnout D.W. Nickerson 2007 Journal Article BibTex
Does discussion group composition affect policy preferences? Results from three randomized experiments C. Farrar; D.P. Green; J.E. Green; D.W. Nickerson; S. Shewfelt 2009 Journal Article BibTex
Hunting the elusive young voter D.W. Nickerson 2006 Journal Article BibTex
Can learning constituency opinion affect how legislators vote? Results from a field experiment D.M. Butler; D.W. Nickerson; 2011 Journal Article BibTex
Do you have a voting plan? Implementation intentions, voter turnout, and organic plan making D.W. Nickerson; T. Rogers 2010 Journal Article BibTex
Does email boost turnout D.W. Nickerson; 2007 Journal Article BibTex
Partisan mobilization campaigns in the field: Results from a statewide turnout experiment in Michigan D.W. Nickerson; R.D. Friedrichs; D.C. King 2006 Journal Article BibTex
Quality is job one: Professional and volunteer voter mobilization calls D.W. Nickerson 2007 Journal Article BibTex
Volunteer Phone Calls Can Increase Turnout Evidence From Eight Field Experiments D.W. Nickerson 2006 Journal Article BibTex
Vote buying and social desirability bias: Experimental evidence from Nicaragua E. Gonzalez-Ocantos; C.Kiewiet De Jonge; C. Meléndez; J. Osorio; D.W. Nickerson 2012 Journal Article BibTex
Getting out the vote in local elections: results from six door-to-door canvassing experiments D.P. Green; A.S. Gerber; D.W. Nickerson 2003 Journal Article BibTex
Is voting contagious? Evidence from two field experiments D.W. Nickerson 2008 Journal Article BibTex
For want of a nail: Negative persuasion in a party leadership race P.John Loewen; D. Rubenson 2011 Journal Article BibTex
Testing the power of arguments in referendums: A Bradley–Terry approach P.John Loewen; D. Rubenson; A. Spirling 2012 Journal Article BibTex
Education outcomes, school governance and parents' demand for accountability: evidence from Albania D. Serra; A. Barr; T. Packard 2011 Journal Article BibTex
An Experimental Study of Simple Voting L.A. Kornhauser; J.P. Benoit; R. Morton; V. Shineman 2011 Journal Article BibTex
Incentivizing Participation Increases Political Information: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment V. Shineman 2012 Journal Article BibTex
Who overvotes, who undervotes, using punchcards? Evidence from Los Angeles County D.E. Sinclair; M. Alvarez; 2004 Journal Article BibTex
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Is Information Power? Using cell phones during an election in Mozambique J. Aker; P. Collier; P.C. Vicente 2011 Journal Article BibTex
Do migrants improve governance at home? Evidence from a voting experiment C. Batista; P.C. Vicente 2011 Journal Article BibTex
Votes and violence: evidence from a field experiment in Nigeria P. Collier; P.C. Vicente 2014 Journal Article BibTex
Is vote buying effective? Evidence from a field experiment in West Africa P.C. Vicente 2014 Journal Article BibTex
Clientelism and vote buying: lessons from field experiments in African elections P.C. Vicente; L. Wantchekon 2009 Journal Article BibTex
Clientelism and voting behavior: Evidence from a field experiment in Benin L. Wantchekon 2003 Journal Article BibTex
Internet cautions: Experimental games with internet partners C.C. Eckel; R.K. Wilson 2006 Journal Article BibTex
Results on sophisticated voting in an experimental setting R.Q. Herzberg; R.K. Wilson 1988 Journal Article BibTex
Cross-cutting cleavages and ethnic voting: An experimental study of cousinage in Mali T. Dunning; L. Harrison 2010 Journal Article BibTex
Sex and Race: Are Black Candidates More Likely to be Disadvantaged by Sex Scandals? A.J. Berinsky; V.L. Hutchings; T. Mendelberg; L. Shaker; N.A. Valentino 2011 Journal Article BibTex
Foreign Aid, Human Rights and Democracy Promotion: Evidence from a Natural Experiment A. Carnegie; N. Marinov; P.M. Aronow 2014 Journal Article BibTex
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Who is held responsible when disaster strikes? The attribution of responsibility for a natural disaster in an urban election K. Arceneaux; R.M. Stein 2006 Journal Article BibTex
Comparing negative and positive campaign messages: Evidence from two field experiments K. Arceneaux; D.W. Nickerson 2009 Journal Article BibTex
I'm asking for your support: The effects of personally delivered campaign messages on voting decisions and opinion formation K. Arceneaux 2007 Journal Article BibTex
Using cluster randomized field experiments to study voting behavior K. Arceneaux 2005 Journal Article BibTex
Comparing experimental and matching methods using a large-scale voter mobilization experiment K. Arceneaux; A.S. Gerber; D.P. Green 2006 Journal Article BibTex