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CDD, Accra, Ghana, 20-24 April 2015

In partnership with: CDD-Ghana, African School of Economics, Njala University

Program. This five-day meeting will consist of a combination of design clinics, research presentations, and teach-ins on topics critical for designing impact evaluations and field experiments intended to measure the effects of policies, interventions, and programs. Teach in topics will include randomization, statistical power, and threats to the estimation of treatment effects. Throughout the week participants will work to develop their own research designs together with peers and more senior researchers.


Participants. We invite applications from researchers and organizations in the EGAP network and PIs from the African continent that are in the early stages of their career (PhDs, Post Docs and Assistant Professors) as well as from practitioner groups engaged in research on governance and politics. Participants should have a project in the design stage that will likely be implemented. Applicants should further have a background in economics, political science, sociology or agriculture. Applicants with a basic knowledge of statistics and/or econometrics are preferred. Participation will be limited to twelve researchers.

You can apply by sending a short motivational statement and a CV to Please apply before 27 March 2015.

Organization. This set of meetings is being organized by Maarten Voors (Wageningen University) with Macartan Humphreys (Columbia University) and Dan Nielson (Brigham Young University). There will also be faculty support from the African School of Economics.

Scholarships. We have funds available to reimburse flights, accommodation and meals. Applicants short-listed for participation will be contacted to arrange necessary details.

Study material. Key readings are drawn from the open-access textbook:

  • Gertler et al. Gertler, Paul J.; Martinez, Sebastian; Premand, Patrick; Rawlings, Laura B.; Vermeersch, Christel M. J.. 2011. Impact Evaluation in Practice. World Bank. © World Bank.
  • Open access text: License: CC BY 3.0

With some additional material drawn from:

  • Glennerster et al: Glennerster, Rachel; Takavarasha, Kudzai. 2013. Running Randomized Evaluations: A Practical Guide. Princeton.
  • Excellent open access ancillary materials available here:

Some of the presentations will show some statistical simulations. Many of these are implemented using the open access statistical package R.