Brief 55: Candidate Participation in Electoral Debates--An Experimental Encouragement Design in Liberia

The partner NGO organized 129 standardized debates to elicit the policy promises of candidates for the House. The platforms were then rebroadcast by community radio stations. The debates were held across all 73 districts from mid-August to mid-September prior to the October 2017 elections for the House of Representatives. In order to induce variation in debate participation, the authors randomly varied the intensity of the invitations to all candidates in each district.

James Mkandawire
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Morgan Holmes
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Brief 52: Election Observers and Perceptions of Electoral Credibility: Evidence from Tunisia

The researchers embedded their experiments in large-scale, nationally representative surveys and randomly varied the information received by the respondents regarding the assessments and the identity of the election observers.  Since Tunisia had election observers from a wide range of organizations, the researchers were able to realistically vary the identity of the election observer across the treatment groups by changing information regarding their organizational affiliation.

Baruani Idd Mshale
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