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ID Title Authors Gated Until Status
20200508AA Building Police Legitimacy After Conflict: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment in Iraq Mara Redlich Revkin
20200507AC Inter- and Intra-Ethnic Group Tolerance and Covid-19: Evidence from Romania Amy H. Liu
20200507AB Does college shape student attitudes toward diversity? Evidence from a diversity requirement Claire Adida, Adeline Lo, Inbok Rhee
20200507AA The Politics of Job Loss (This design is gated) Annabelle Hutchinson 10/01/2021
20200505AB Social Media, Partisanship, and COVID-19 Misinformation: Evidence from Nigeria Josh A. Goldstein, Shelby Grossman
20200505AA The Global Governance of Genetic Editing Tyler Pratt, Cleo O'Brien-Udry
20200503AA Defining who we are by what we are not: Negative partisanship and its implications for political behaviour Katharina Lawall
20200430AB Refugee narratives and public opinion during COVID-19 pandemic Claire Adida, Adeline Lo, Melina Platas, Lauren Prather, Scott Williamson
20200430AA Asylum-Seekers, Religious Background and Public Opinion in Italy (This design is gated) Davide Dell’Isola 11/01/2021
20200429AA Artificial Intelligence and National Security Decision-making Michael C. Horowitz, Erik Lin-Greenberg
20200428AC The Dynamics of Refugee Return, Panel Survey (This design is gated) Ala' Alrababa'h, Daniel Masterson, Marine Casalis, Dominik Hangartner, Jeremy Weinstein 10/01/2021
20200428AB Hiding From the Heat: Why Tucson Failed to Become a Sanctuary City (This design is gated) Loren Collingwood, Gabriel Martinez, Kassra Oskooii 09/01/2021
20200428AA Making the Grade: Elite Influence and Democratic Accountability during the Coronavirus Pandemic Philip Moniz
20200423AB Beliefs, Behavior, and Trusted Social Media Sources (This design is gated) Jeremy Bowles, Horacio Larreguy, Shelley Liu 08/31/2020
20200423AA Policy Contagion: Diffusion of Measures in Response to COVID19 Diego Vega, Kyle Shen
20200422AA What explains compliance with government mandates during crisis Patrick Hunnicutt, William G. Nomikos
20200421AC Turning the Tables: Donor Status Reversal and Public Opinion Lauren Lee Ferry, Cleo O'Brien-Udry
20200421AB The Effect of Government Restrictions on the Third Sector: Evidence from Cambodia Edmund Malesky, Lucy Right, Jeremy Springman, Erik Wibbels
20200421AA Who Fits in Better? Natives' Perceived Level of Cultural Threat Boyoon Lee
20200420AA Replication of Dynamic Constraint Alexander Coppock, Donald Green
20200419AA The impact of search engines on political attitudes: evidence from an online experiment Franziska Pradel
20200418AA Public Opinion and Public Health: The Primacy of Economics Arnab Acharya, John Gerring, Aaron Reeves
20200417AD Knowledge, Beliefs and Behavior about COVID-19 in Africa Clara Bicalho, Melina Platas, Leah Rosenzweig
20200417AC What Explains US Local Government Officials’ Receptivity to New Refugees? (This design is gated) Jonathan Chu, Lauren Pinson, Robert Shaffer, Beth Simmons 10/15/2021
20200417AB Globalism, Localism, and Demands for Education Reform: Evidence from a Survey Experiment Emmerich Davies, Thomas Gift, Carlos Lastra Anadón
20200417AA Identity Measurement in the United States (This design is gated) Amber Spry 10/08/2021
20200416AB Maximizing effectiveness of policy-based responses to Covid-19: Citizens’ preferences over multi-dimensional trade-offs (This design is gated) Shaun P. Hargreaves Heap, Christel Koop, Konstantinos Matakos, Asli Unan, Nina Weber 10/17/2020
20200416AA The impact of coronavirus on territorial politics (This design is gated) Sandra León, Amuitz Garmendia 04/15/2021
20200414AB Are Voters Polarized Along Party Lines About How to Run Elections During the COVID-19 Crisis? Thad Kousser, Seth Hill, Mackenzie Lockhart, Jennifer Merolla, Mindy Romero
20200414AA How do Americans Want Elections to be Run During the COVID-19 Crisis? Thad Kousser, Seth Hill, Mackenzie Lockhart, Jennifer Merolla, Mindy Romero
20200411AB Explaining Differential Support for Foreign Aid among Policymakers of Recipient States Robert Blair, Philip Roessler
20200411AA Effects of Media and Propaganda on Political Attitudes Among Chinese Adults and College Students (This design is gated) Yingjie Fan, Jennifer Pan, Zijie Shao, Yiqing Xu 04/01/2021
20200410AA Domestic Kindling, International Sparks? When and How Domestic Conditions Influence Foreign Policy Preferences (This design is gated) Meir Alkon, David Logan 10/10/2021
20200409AB One Health disease surveillance and community engagement in Sierra Leone Maarten Voors, Kevin Grieco, Macartan Humphreys, Peter Van der Windt
20200409AA Public Opinion and Military Recommendations for the Use of Force (This design is gated) Erik Lin-Greenberg 10/31/2020
20200408AC Political Beliefs, Conspiracy Theories and Preferences in Brazil Mathieu Turgeon, Alessandro Freire, Ryan Lloyd, Carlos Oliveira, John Kennedy
20200408AB Legislator Responsiveness Experiment (This design is gated) Christian Grose, Matthew S. Mendez Garcia 04/08/2021
20200408AA Public Attribution of Responsibilities in Decentralized Autocracies (This design is gated) Georgiy Syunyaev 07/01/2020
20200407AA Party Politics, Public Opinion, and the Corona Crisis: Evidence from Germany Christian Adam, Steffen Eckhard, Alexa Lenz
20200406AA Misinformation and Emotions in Nigeria: The Case of COVID-19 Fake News Leah Rosenzweig, Bence Bago, Adam Berinsky, David G. Rand
20200405AC Reducing Bias During Political Argument Evaluations Jacob Montgomery, Dominique Lockett
20200405AB Are voters Keynesian, and if so, of what kind? Evidence from a Survey Experiment during the Corona Crisis Björn Bremer, Lucio Baccaro, Erik Neimanns
20200405AA Italexit, Eurobonds, or More Muddling Through? Preferences for Eurozone Membership and Reform in Italy and Germany in the Second Stage of the Eurocrisis Lucio Baccaro, Björn Bremer, Erik Neimanns
20200403AB Bureaucrat Survey in Telangana, India Bhumi Purohit
20200403AA Magnitude Scales to Measure Probability to Vote Garret Binding, Benjamin Schlegel, Marco R. Steenbergen, Lukas F. Stoetzer, Judith Spirig, Thomas Willi
20200402AB Explaining the Variation in Individuals' Conspiratorial Beliefs: The Effect of Exposure to Emotive Conspiratorial Messaging in the Media David Hugh Moore
20200402AA What do voters think about working class candidates? Will Horne
20200326AA The Political Representation of Conflict Victims: Evidence from Colombia (This design is gated) Joan Barceló, Mauricio Vela Baron 01/01/2021
20200324AB When can public service delivery de-escalate conflict? A field experiment in the Philippines Dotan Haim, Nico Ravanilla, Renard Sexton
20200324AA The Impact of Vote Buying Offers: Material Incentives, Emotional Responses and Voters’ Willingness to Accept and Comply (This design is gated) Kristen Kao, Ellen Lust, Miquel Pellicer, Eva Wegner 09/20/2021