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Dr. Matthew Buehler holds degrees in Government from the University of Texas at Austin (Ph.D. and M.A.). Dr. Buehler's research area is comparative politics with expertise in the politics of the Middle East and North Africa. He is also a Baker Fellow in Global Security at at the Howard H. Baker Center for Public Policy. Dr. Buehler has been traveling to the Arab world since 2006, completing over three years of fieldwork and Arabic training in North Africa, Syria, and the Persian Gulf. His main research interests include democratization, authoritarianism, the Arab uprisings, Islamist movements, North African political parties, and Moroccan politics. He has recently become interested in nuclear politics and population-based survey experiments in the Arab world.

Position: Assistant Professor, Political Science - Baker Fellow in Global Security

Institution / Affiliation : University of Tennessee

Geographical Region: Middle East
Methodology: Survey Methodology