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Daniel Nielson is Professor and Associate Chair of Political Science at Brigham Young University. He is the former Chief Social Scientist for the AidData Center for Development Policy at the College of William and Mary and founder and former director of the Political Economy and Development Lab at BYU. Daniel’s research interests include foreign aid, international law, and field experiment methodology. He is a founder and principal investigator of AidData. AidData is a research and innovation lab that seeks to improve development outcomes by making development finance data more accessible and actionable. AidData collects, curates, and publishes data on more than $5.5 trillion dollars in development finance from 90 bilateral and multilateral agencies at the project level.


Institution / Affiliation : Brigham Young University

Geographical Region: Africa
Methodology: Experimental Design, Field Experiments, Survey Methodology
Policy: Conflict and Violence, Corruption, Elections