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The EGAP registry focuses on designs for experiments and observational studies in governance and politics. To register a design, please read the guidelines below, and then visit

  • Timestamp: Complete the registration tool; this provides an automatic timestamp for your submission. After the initial posting, each document that is received will receive its own timestamp.
  • Identifiers: When your initial submission is posted it will have a unique project identifier. All subsequent revisions and additions will be connected to this identifier. The identifier has the format YYYYDDMMAA. The first 8 digits give the date of first posting (eg. 20150214) and the final two are unique identifiers for the study. If your study is the first one submitted on a given day, it will have the identifier “AA.” If it is the second on that day, it will have “AB,” and so on.
  • Anonymity: Each field in Section C should be written anonymously, without using first-person references to the researchers or their institutions. We will add a cover page to your registration with identifying information.
  • Gating: The registration form has a field for gating the project information. While we strongly recommend against gating your registration, we do understand that it is sometimes necessary. If you do elect to gate your registration, please provide the date at which it should become un-gated (not more than 18 months after the time of registration). Gated registrations will appear on the site with an ID, title, and author names, but the rest of the information will be obscured from the rest of the site (but still available for those who know the url for a specific piece of the registration). We will then open up the registration information and pre-analysis plan to public view on the date provided, and will not plan to contact you before doing so. If, after submitting your project, you find that you must make changes to your gate date or have a compelling reason to seek an extension beyond the normal 18-month maximum, please contact us at The preregistration committee will evaluate each extension request on a case-by-case basis.
  • Authorization: By registering you confirm that you have the right to make the content of the registration publicly available. This implies that you have copyright over the material and that all co-authors have agreed to the registration of the design.
  • Additional Documentation: At the bottom of the form, there is space for you to attach additional documentation to your registration. Most authors find that their analysis plan needs more detail than can be provided on the online form and post this information in the form of a pre-analysis plan. There is currently no required format for a pre-analysis plan, but the plans should normally at least cover all the fields in the online form and provide more detail on analysis procedures. As with Section C of the form, your pre-analysis plan should be written using anonymous language. All information related to the researchers—such as name, position, and contact information—will be included on the cover page and should not appear here. In addition, you can use the attach field to submit the survey instrument you will use to collect your data, the data itself, the code you will use to analyze it, or any other documentation relevant to your project.
  • Confirmation: You should receive a confirmation of your registration within five business days. In order for a registration to be confirmed and posted, each field on the form must be filled out. Your registration is considered complete only when confirmation is received. If you do not receive confirmation within five business days please contact If, for some reason, you need a confirmation before five days are up, please contact (though your registration will be time-stamped when you complete the form, not when it is finalized).
  • Amendments: We recognize that researchers may be forced to update an analysis plan in between original registration and completing the study. If this does happen, however, we recommend submitting an amendment to your registration explaining the changes, in the interest of full transparency. If a pre-analysis plan mentions a line of inquiry that the baseline data renders unnecessary, for instance, it is better to note the change before the treatment is complete or before endline data analysis has begun. Otherwise, readers of only the pre-analysis plan and the final paper may conclude that a hypothesis was dropped because the data collected did not agree with it. To submit an amendment, please email a .pdf or .doc file to
  • Citing: When you cite a registration in an article you should provide the unique ID (the YYYYMMDDAA number mentioned above) for the registration. This will provide access to all items associated with a registration, including all modifications. Any citation to a registration should indicate a) which analyses were registered and b) any deviations from the registered design.
  • Cross-referencing: Sometimes, registrants reference their attached documents when filling out the form (for instance, if you want to indicate for readers to see the pre-analysis plan for greater detail on a certain point). If you do so, please include not just the document name, but also the specific page number (and preferably line number) of the information you are referencing.
  • Monitoring: EGAP monitors citations to EGAP registrations and has as a policy to inform journals whenever (a) an article claims to have been registered with EGAP when it has not been registered (b) there is evidence of a large disparity between a registered design and final analysis that is not described by authors.
  • Registering Multi-Paper Studies: If you are preparing a study that will result in multiple papers, everything pertaining to that study should be registered together. To do so, submit a registration form (and a PAP or any other accompanying documentation) for each paper within the study, but indicate in the title for each that each registration is part of a broader study. If you have questions about making sure everything is clear, please contact