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Established in 2005, Global Integrity’s mission is to support progress towards more open, accountable, and effective governance in countries and communities around the world. We believe that societies, rich and poor, address challenges such as poor service delivery, inequality, poverty, and corruption more effectively when citizens are able to exercise their rights to shape the rules that govern their lives.

Governance reform is inherently political and complex. There are few, if any, cookie cutter solutions to governance related challenges that will work across diverse contexts. As such, any efforts to drive progress toward more open, accountable and effective governance must be led by local stakeholders, as they navigate and shape the political dynamics in their own particular contexts.

We support these processes by helping government and civil society partners to put adaptive learning — a structured, data-driven, problem-focused and iterative approach to learning by doing, which engages with local political realities while drawing on experiences from elsewhere — at the heart of their efforts to design and implement effective governance reforms.

We use the insights generated from our innovative and exploratory work with local partners to engage with multilateral and bilateral development agencies, and other external actors; encouraging them to operate in ways that support the country-level learning that is key to designing and implementing effective governance reforms.


Institution / Affiliation : Global Integrity

Policy: Governance