EGAP 25: George Washington University, February 2019

February 22-23, 2019 Local Host: Eric Kramon, Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University

Thursday, February 21
Academic Practioner Event in the Abramson Family Auditorium at NYU DC at the  NYU Washington, D.C. 

2:00- 2:15 PM: Welcome & Introductions
2:15 PM-3:30 PM: Measuring the Impacts of Candidate Debates: a conversation between researchers and practitioners (Panel)

  • Matt Dippel, NDI Global Debates Program Advisor
  • Eric Kramon, Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, George Washington University
  • Pia Raffler, Assistant Professor of Government at Harvard University

3:45 PM-4:15 PM: Coffee Break
4:15 PM-5:30 PM: How Does Governance Affect Public Service Delivery (Presentations followed by Q&A)

  • Ken Opalo, Assistant Professor in the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University
  • Ana de la O, Associate Professor of Political Science, Yale University

5:00 PM -7:00 PM: Reception in the Pearlstein Family Foyer at NYU DC

Friday, Februrary 22 to Saturday, February 23
Elliott School of International Affairs, Goerge Washington University
**Agenda TBA**

Poverty & Inequality Working Group: Papers & Research Designs
Rob Blair: Restoring the Rule of Law After Civil War: A Field Experiment in Security and Justice Provision in Rural Colombia (Research Design)
Natalia Bueno: Do Governments Make Dreams Come True? An Analysis of a Brazilian Housing Program (Research Design)
Ariel BenYishay: The Economic Efficiency of Aid Targeting (Paper)
Leopoldo Fergusson: Social Norms and the Collapse of Cooperative Behavior (Research Design)
Pia Raffler: Strengthening Local Institutions to Facilitate Improved Service Delivery (Research Design)
Dan Posner: Using RFID Technology (Specifically, iBeacons) to Track the Leakage of Development Goods (Research Design)
Bilal Murtaza Siddiqi: Making Information Actionable: Experimental Evidence from Kenyan Courts (Research Design)
Godber Tumushabe: The impact of service delivery provision and governance data on campaign messages from parliamentary and district candidates in Uganda (Research Design)

Elections, Representation, & Participation Working Group: Papers & Research Designs
David Broockman: The Impact of Partisan Media on American politics (Research Design)
José-Alberto Guerra: I bet you’ll vote next time: prize-linked incentive schemes and voter turnout (Research Design)
Don Green: Election Day Festivals and Voter Turnout: Results from Field Experiments in a Federal Midterm Election (Paper)
Eric Kramon: Field Experiment on Presidential Debates in Malawi (Research Design)
John Marshall: Information and coordination: An informational experiment to improve electoral accountability in Mexico (Paper)
Ghazala Mansuri: Incentivizing Local Governance: Public Grants and Information Campaigns as Performance Based Rewards for Elected Politicians (Paper)
Umberto Mignozzetti: Balancing Public and Elite Preferences: Foreign Policy Evidence from Brazil (Research Design)
Victoria Shineman: What Happens When Non-Citizens Are Allowed to Vote in American Elections? A Field Experiment Mobilizing Eligible Non-Citizens to Legally Vote in Local Elections (Research Design)


Poverty & Inequality Working Group Elections, Representation, & Participation Working Group
Urpelainen, Johannes
Carlson, Elizabeth (Liz)
Raffler, Pia
Tumushabe Godber
Shineman, Victoria
Hidalgo, Fernando
Bowers, Jake
Querubin, Pablo
Prather, Lauren
Brown, Annette
Parkerson, Doug
Posner, Daniel
Bidwell, Kelly 
Jamal, Amaney
Ponce San Román, Carmen
Blair, Robert
Maldonado, Luis
Pan, Jennifer
Yamamoto, Teppei
von Schiller, Armin
Moya, Andrés
Varun Gauri
Martin, Lucy
Duch, Raymond
BenYishay, Ariel
De La O, Ana
Hazlett, Chad
Aronow, Peter
Petrie, Ragan
Paler, Laura
Cruz, Cesi
Siddiqi, Bilal
Golden, Miriam
Labonne, Julien
Gulzar, Saad
Samii, Cyrus
Broockman, David
Marshall, John
Stern, linda
Mignozzetti, Umberto
Larreguy, Horacio
Moses, Michael
Scartascini, Carlos
Ken Opalo
Guerra, José-Alberto
Green, Don
Butler, Daniel
Mansuri, Ghazala
Greenberg, Natasha
Claes, Jonas
Coppock, Alexander
Bueno, Natalia
Foos, Florian
Aguilar, Rosario
Kramon, Eric
Dazzo, Giovanni
Nellis, Gareth
Holmes, Morgan
Dionne, Kim
Poertner, Mathias 
Arias, Eric 
Blair, Graeme 
van der Windt, Peter